Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Long Farewell

We wanted just to send a final update as to where we are at the end of 2009 and call it quits on the blog. You can always feel free to email or call.

Thank you so much again for all of your prayers and kind notes and gifts over the past few months. Tomorrow (December 20) Grace turns 26 and it will be exactly 10 weeks since the fire at our house. We are sooo thankful to our Lord and Healer and how He has brought us to this point after a scary few weeks at the beginning. We hope that this blog and the communication we've been able to have has been an encouragement to ya'll in case you ever have to go through something like this. There will be troubles in this world, but if you know Christ you have a rock to cling to.

Grace is doing really well, she has full use of her feet again in terms of walking anywhere, riding a stationary bike, and even driving again!! Her breathing is totally fine as I know that is a question I get a lot. She has a little rasp in her voice but it's getting better each day and doesn't sound bad at all. She has enjoyed being able to sing a little more each day and get the ability to hit different notes back. Last week she got passed from weekly check-ups to every 3 MONTHS!!! We are so thankful for that and she is getting ready to head back to work at HOPE International here in the new year. As you know she will wear the pressure garments on her feet and shorts (like biker shorts) for a year. That is mainly for the scaring so it doesn't happen.

Thank you again so much for your thoughts and prayers through all of this!!!! Here are some pictures of what her feet look like after many weeks of healing already. The pictures were taken just last week. We'll also have some pictures since outside right now it's a BLIZZARD!! We are getting snowed in on Grace's b-day weekend! Pretty fun!!

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Love to all!


  1. thanks Lamar for keeping us all up to date on Grace's health. Praise God for her healing! Love you Grace!
    Hope to see you guys in the near future.
    Merry Christmas and love and hugs from

  2. Thanks for all of the updates! It was a privelege to lift Grace up to the Lord during such a trying time. We love you both! Glad all is going well :)

    Sara and Jeff

  3. So glad to hear things are going so well for you guys. We thank the Lord for your great protection. May you continue to reflect on how good God is even thru the storms of life...they will come and they will go. It was nice to follow your story for a little, and know how to pray for you. Blessings. Missy King.

  4. I'll continue to pray as God brings you to mind.

    Thank you for following through til the end. It means alot!

    Your tree is beautiful.

    So are Gracie's feet. Does not the Scripture say? Beautiful are the feet of them who preach the gospel peace :O)

    In Christ we are brethren :O)


  5. It has been great to get these updates on Grace's progress. Lamar thanks for your diligence and uplifting posts. Grace, It's exciting to hear you will be back at HOPE in January, I know you have definitely been missed for the past 3 months. I may just have to call in while you're working to say hi.

    Praise God!

  6. I'm so glad she is and will continue to heal! We have thought about you so often! I encourage you to keep blogging, however. Whenever you get a chance. You have shared the tribulation, now share the peace! You never know who may read and be inspired!

    Anyway, we love you and are incredibly blessed to have spent time with you, no matter how short!

    Elizabeth Files

  7. (and may I just say how envious of your snow I am!) lol

    Elizabeth Files

  8. omg! I`m here by a coincidence, and saw the Gracie`s feet. I pray god for a quick recover! Hope it will be ok soon! (sorry my English isn`t enough to tell something in these conditions)