Saturday, November 21, 2009

Step by Step

Thank you again so much for your thoughts and prayers. Your gifts and your tears. Each day seems to get a little better. Grace has been out and about with her sister Julia today doing some Christmas shopping and for some jeans since the EMT dudes destroyed the ones she was wearing at the time of the fire :) It's a beautiful day here in beautiful I enjoyed the morning by hitting the golf course one last time for the year here in PA. I won't comment on the score, but I had a ton of fun. Started with a birdie and the first hole and then fell off a cliff :)

We look forward to next week where Grace's whole family will be together, Lord willing, for Thanksgiving up in the Poconos. What a joy it will be for all the sisters to be together as well as 3 of us hubbies. After that we look forward to some cookie making and deer hunting with the Kings for our Thanksgiving and then we barrel right into December.

I've been reading in Job still and working on "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. I highly suggest both :) Each day it and live it in love for Him.

You rock and have been a rock for us, thank you!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guinea Pigs

Hi All,

Yeah I know a weird title...but I'll try to explain. Sorry again it's been so long that I've written when at home it's nicer to just be with Grace that be updating all of you...sorry for being selfish :) Earlier it was easy to get on and update because it gave me something to do.

So back to the G-Pigs...when you start doing stuff for the first time again it feels like we are G-pigs. Meals we've never had before, borrowing a wheelchair at the mall, jumping to a size 9 in slippers, and going to the movies for the first time in awhile. Last night we ventured out of the house for a good ole $2 movie called G-Force. One of the newer computer animated movies with Guinea Pigs that were trying to be special agents for the FBI. A cute movie and great chance to get out of the house.

We have been so blessed with an incredible sunday school class that has been bringing us meals this last week, we got to have all kinds of goodies from stuffed shells to roast beef and even an apple pie! We missed being on our retreat this weekend but look forward to joining for the next one Lord willing. We are so thankful to be at home and sleeping in our own bed and chilling in our own LR and kitchen. Thanks so much for your prayers and support over the past month+.

Continue to pray for Grace's healing of her feet and donor sites and for perseverence to keep pushing through one day at a time. We are about to have another first in going to back to church together here this morning...first time in 5 weeks now.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home complete...

Today they put the finishing touches on the house and I had off work because of Veterans Day so we headed to the mall to look for curtains!! We found ones that we liked and ordered some for the patio door so that will be nice when they come. But I thought I would put some pictures on of the newly looking house since you saw the pics early on of the damage. They've done a great job...what a blessing to have insurance. I give a personal shout out to Donegal Insurance Group!! Their rates are great and they don't cut corners when you need them!! (Or else the corner needs fixed :) A little dry humor there for you.

I was pushing Grace around in a wheelchair at the mall and that was fun, we got a lot of looks like...why is there a 25 year old, lightweight lady in a wheelchair. Those that saw the fluffy pink slippers I'm sure came up with some reasons as to why.

Sleep was harder last night due to some tightening of the dressings, but we think some of it is the switch from the ibuprofen to tylenol as well. So we'll get some tylenol PM tonight to hopefully help out with sleeping. Grace's feet are healing up and looking a little better each day, putting on Santyl has really helped some of the sores!!

I'll even included a picture of Grace getting help from her sister nurse Julia :) She has come each night after work to do the foot her hands are a little gentler than mine and she knows what she is doing :)

Thanks for your continued prayers and support...Jesus is our Rock and is with us in this storm.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mi Casa

Home, yes Home. What a joy to be at home again sleeping in our bed and eating at our table. Everything looks great! They are finishing up cleaning on Wednesday but by then it should all be done!!! What a blessing!!!

Grace is doing better every day. Her hand writing is coming back and she even typed her first email tonight. The visit at Crozer today went pretty well, they measured her feet for the pressure garments that will come in. They noticed some spots of soreness that will need some attention in the weeks to come and hopefully with the prescribed ointment it will heal along with the rest of the skin. They also noticed the donor sites were starting to raise so she got measured for pressure shorts as well that will keep those places from scarring as well.

We had volleyball tonight at church and in the rec league and Grace came to watch. It was her first time in public with people she knows. She got a standing ovation when we walked in for our game and everyone was clapping!!! What a joy and praise to the Lord!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers...keep it up as she heals and gets more strength each day. We've had 2 delicious meals already by our SS class at church and we look forward to another tomorrow night. It's been incredible to have people serving in all areas!

God is good. Amen.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PSU vs OSU or Eagles vs Cowboys

Go Nittany Lions! Go Birds!

Grace and I slept in today for the first time which was really cool that she was able to sleep a little more last night. Please continue to keep her sleep and rest in your prayers. Today we got up and had some breakfast, got ready for the day physically and spiritually, then played Gin Rummy. We just got done watching some Brian Regan on youtube, one of our favs because he is clean and hilarious!

Chris and Julia are coming up later tonight and mom should be back to the house soon. We look forward to a time of hanging out together.

Last night after work some friends came and helped me clean up the house so that it's ready for when we get home Sunday night. It was a huge blessing because it would have taken me forever. We are getting there, a little painting left for Monday and then the carpet cleaners are coming on Wednesday. And we are so thankful that our Sunday School class will be providing meals for us for the next 2 weeks which is a huge blessing especially since the stove isn't hooked back up yet and we don't have a microwave.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers, continue going before the throne for Gracie as she continues to regain strength one day at a time and copes with the pain in her feet.

God is good and we rest in Him,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For The Good

I encourage everyone to go out and buy the new Shane and Shane CD - Everything is Different. Or like me be caller #5 on some Christian radio station and win it :) What a blessing that I would win this one CD from WJTL. Grace and I LOVE Shane and Shane and I won it on Monday the day before it came out, pretty neat. So I'm just going to put the lyrics to one of their songs on here as it is incredible.

For the Good
When darkness is surrounding me
by Your Spirit Lord help me sing
that You are working all things out
Lord, I really need to hear You speak
Remind me in the waiting
that You are working all things out

For the good of those
who are called by You
For the good of those
who are in Love with You
That's why we sing

Holy God of light
I lay down my life
Holy is the Lord
Even in the storm be glorified

We like to take the blessing from You
Shall we not take the trouble too
You are working all things out
We like to take prosperity
Shall we not take the suffering
You are working all things out

Holy are You Lord
even in the storm
be glorified
Worthy of affection

This is our prayer...thanks for continuing to pray for us. Gracie is making "baby steps" like they would say on What About Bob...but she is making steps indeed. She is doing so well.

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to work

Hey all...

Sorry for the delay yesterday was a crazy day, starting early and ending late so I didn't get to give an update. Grace has been doing GREAT...such a joy to be with again. She is sleeping pretty well at night and is getting better and better on her feet everyday. She's over there doing her feet exercises right now as I type. Her mom took her back to Crozer today in which they redressed the feet with less stuff so now she can get her feet wet and will have to peel some of the scabbing and skin off as she showers (sorry if that grosses you out :). But that's all part of the healing process and they said everything looks great. She did faint today after they worked on her feet :( Probably just from pain/needing nutrients/being tired but she came too pretty quick.

She ate a famous bacon cheeseburger at Nifty Fifties with mom today so that was great!!! She keeps eating well and is healthy.

House should be wrapped up this weekend hopefully!

I headed back to work yesterday and that has gone well so far. Good to be back with my co-workers though it's hard to be away from Gracie.

Thanks for your continued prayers and love!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Full Day Home...

What a blessing to be able to sleep in the same bed again and enjoy a full today together today. We woke up together this morning and enjoyed time chilling, doing devos, watching "Bella", the Eagles, and then our first trip in public!!! Gracie pushed the cart as we walked around the local CVS looking for all the little goodies we don't typically carry with us but need now. Like trash bags and tape for Gracie's feet in the shower so her wraps don't get wet.

She is doing great, ate good today and mom is in the kitchen now stirring up some "Sue Malone's Chicken" is what the Geberts call it, my family calls it "Ant Head Cassarole" :)

Gracie wants to say THANK YOU for all your prayers and care, she is watching me type this, what a joy and blessing!!!

Continue to pray for us in the road ahead as things will change for the coming months. We desire a chance to share Christ with others and to grow closer to each other and the Lord. We need that prayer for her continued healing and getting back to 100% as well.

I'm headed back to work tomorrow so that will be a change again, but good to make another step toward "normal". Thanks for all your love and concern, cards, gift cards, meals on the way, and prayers!

Enjoy this day that the Lord has made, may we rejoice and be glad in the lot He has chosen!
Lamar (Gracie too)