Saturday, November 21, 2009

Step by Step

Thank you again so much for your thoughts and prayers. Your gifts and your tears. Each day seems to get a little better. Grace has been out and about with her sister Julia today doing some Christmas shopping and for some jeans since the EMT dudes destroyed the ones she was wearing at the time of the fire :) It's a beautiful day here in beautiful I enjoyed the morning by hitting the golf course one last time for the year here in PA. I won't comment on the score, but I had a ton of fun. Started with a birdie and the first hole and then fell off a cliff :)

We look forward to next week where Grace's whole family will be together, Lord willing, for Thanksgiving up in the Poconos. What a joy it will be for all the sisters to be together as well as 3 of us hubbies. After that we look forward to some cookie making and deer hunting with the Kings for our Thanksgiving and then we barrel right into December.

I've been reading in Job still and working on "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. I highly suggest both :) Each day it and live it in love for Him.

You rock and have been a rock for us, thank you!

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  1. We are so glad things are getting back to a normal for you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Kings!!!!!!

    The Files Family