Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guinea Pigs

Hi All,

Yeah I know a weird title...but I'll try to explain. Sorry again it's been so long that I've written when at home it's nicer to just be with Grace that be updating all of you...sorry for being selfish :) Earlier it was easy to get on and update because it gave me something to do.

So back to the G-Pigs...when you start doing stuff for the first time again it feels like we are G-pigs. Meals we've never had before, borrowing a wheelchair at the mall, jumping to a size 9 in slippers, and going to the movies for the first time in awhile. Last night we ventured out of the house for a good ole $2 movie called G-Force. One of the newer computer animated movies with Guinea Pigs that were trying to be special agents for the FBI. A cute movie and great chance to get out of the house.

We have been so blessed with an incredible sunday school class that has been bringing us meals this last week, we got to have all kinds of goodies from stuffed shells to roast beef and even an apple pie! We missed being on our retreat this weekend but look forward to joining for the next one Lord willing. We are so thankful to be at home and sleeping in our own bed and chilling in our own LR and kitchen. Thanks so much for your prayers and support over the past month+.

Continue to pray for Grace's healing of her feet and donor sites and for perseverence to keep pushing through one day at a time. We are about to have another first in going to back to church together here this morning...first time in 5 weeks now.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  1. Grace and Lamar,
    It was great seeing you walk into church today!! Continuing to keep you in our prayers!!

  2. Lami!

    So glad to hear that things are getting better. You two have been on my mind and on heart constantly. Katie and I have been praying for you regularly and it has been a blessing being able to read the ol' blog. Your passion has always has always been an encouragement to me and this refinement has definitely proven your strength. I'm proud of you and Grace and the life you have made together! As my dad always tells me, keep digging! Love ya, brother!

  3. What a PRAISE to God. We are so glad to hear that you both are able to be back in church. Grace we are praying for your continued healing. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Your Gambian family!

  4. I am smiling and in praise over God's work and wonder in your lives! God has shown himself strong on your behalf and has given me courage and boldness to continue allowing him to work in all...ALL areas in my life, even the very hard ones!

    God Bless you,